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Salon SMARTS, the digital collection of Lisa Conway's best tips, tricks, articles and audio books for the Salon, Spa or Clinic Professional.
"Every salon owner deserves a great business and and amazing life, let me show you how!"
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Lisa here, and I’d like to ask you a few questions,
‘one salon owner to another’:

Are you getting everything you want or expect from your salon?

Does it give you time for the other things you want in your life? 

Does it give you a fair return on the time, effort and money you invest in it? 


If you answered “No” to even one of these questions (probably all 4), then Salon SMARTS is for you. You’ll find all the answers you need to create the life you want, with a great team that supports you, more time to yourself and the money to enjoy it!

The ZING Project's 1 on 1 coaching programs start at a few hundred dollars per week and I get that not everyone can afford this and this is why I created Salon SMARTS for salon, clinic and spa professionals.

Each week I will help build your business confidence and in turn make your salon amaZING so you can take the next step in your personal or entrepreneurial journey and maybe even join me in a Masterclass!
You deserve an amaZING business and life, this is what I want for you and know I can deliver, as I have for hundred of other salon owners, so why not start today.
Bye for now,
Lisa Conway, Best Selling Author, Keynote Speaker and founder of The ZING Project, helps salon owners transform their business and their life!

With 30+ years as a hairdresser and salon owner, hundreds of satisfied coaching clients, dozens of speaking engagements and three books under her belt (one more on the way), she’s giving the hair and beauty industry quite a shake-up. People are standing up and taking notice, and she’s only just begun.

Lisa is known for her direct, no-nonsense approach, for getting real and challenging people to step-up and take control. She’s worked the salon floor, led her own teams and made her own mistakes. But having known the benefits of business coaching first-hand, she now answers the call, sharing her know-how and first-hand experience.

Lisa speaks, coaches and writes the same way she approaches life – straight from the heart, with passion, humor and a true belief that people hold the secrets to success within themselves.

"Cartwheels through the salon – that’s how I want salon owners to feel about their business and their life. I created Salon SMARTS to close the gap between what salon owners deliver and what their clients want. Because that’s where the magic happens, where you can create a superb team, a booming business and the lifestyle you deserve."

Lisa Conway

Freedom of Time
Proven systems to make the most of everyday!
Salon Smarts helps you shift from never having enough hours in your day to running a systemized business that works even when you're not there.

Everyone gets the same 24 hours each day. If you're saying you don't have enough hours in the day, we’re hearing that you're not organized, you're all over the shop or you're spending time doing everything for everyone else.

Salon Smarts gives you a structure for your time and proven systems to make sure you make the most of every day. We'll show you how to share the load, shape-up your business smarts and get the best return on your most precious resource ... TIME.
Incredible Team
Your team is the core of your salon. It comes from two things, truth and training.
Learn how to lead an engaged team who deliver top quality service, every single day.

Stop letting yourself and your clients down and start sharing the load with people you can trust. At first glance your team members all look the same. It's not until they open up that you can tell if you're a match.

Salon Smarts shows you how to stop wasting your time and find the team that fits.  Who stays, who steps up and who goes? We help you become an employer of choice so you attract the best people. Together, we'll breathe fresh life into your team, sharing new ways to motivate both them and you.

Culture is at the core of your salon and it comes from two things: Truth and Training. ZING teaches you how to communicate openly and train continuously to embed culture into your TEAM.
Isn't it time you got paid what you deserve?
You CAN'T work any harder, but let me show you how to work smarter and make more money so you have more choices in your life.

Oprah said it beautifully: "If you undervalue what you do, the world undervalues who you are." Most of us went into a salon not because we wanted to make a million, but because we wanted to make a difference.

Who said you couldn't have the MONEY and the satisfaction?

I have big plans for you. Let me show you the MONEY, unlock the missing dollars in your current business model and teach you to create an amazing salon experience for your clients while generating more MONEY to create an amazing life for yourself.

Have you ever had the opportunity to work on your business with one of the Hair and Beauty industries leading mentors?



We teach you what you’re expected to know, but were never taught! 

Salon SMARTS is a new community created just for salon, clinic and spa professionals. Your virtual business coach is only ever a click away, ready to help you solve problems, build a kick-arse team, manage your time and make more money for the things you love. 
Salon SMARTS is the brainchild of Lisa Conway, hairdresser, mentor and author of The Naked Salon and Your Salon Team and Your Salon Retail and Lisa knows you’re busy - Crazy busy! 
That’s why Salon SMARTS gives you instant, affordable access to all you need to kick-start change in your business. Weekly webinars, how-to articles, video tips and more, all created with one mission in mind: teaching you how to take your salon from Good 2 Great.
If you’re a busy hair and beauty professional ready to make magic happen in your salon, Salon SMARTS is your perfect online mentor – you were made for each other.

Best of all you can share Salon SMARTS with your team. Get your juniors and seniors on the same page and start growing your team together.

NO Contracts! NO Strings! NO Excuses!

sO, wHAT dO i gET IN sALON smarts?

Club ZING - my 52 week mentoring program - as used By private clients

$6,997 Value

Weekly Live Q & A with Lisa and the coaching team

$3,997 Value

ZING Flix - Each Week A New Tip Or Trick To Use In The Salon 

$1,197 Value

Club ZING Premium Downloadable Rescources

$995 Value

ZING Book Club - A Library Of All Our Published Articles

$195 Value

10,10,10 Course

$97 Value

Suggestion is Key Course

$97 Value

Access To The Salon Smarts Private Facebook Group 


Links To My Podcast  


Access to other free and paid training courses 


TOTAL VALUE: $13,575.00 

tODAY FOR only usD $97 PER MONTH

Oh, and in case you're wondering...

We know Salon SMARTS works, as many happy members will agree, (just read below)...
BUT, if it doesn't work for you, no matter the reason, you can cancel anytime - NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

you have nothing to lose...

Opportunity doesn't knock often, So let's be AMAZING together!

Just In Case You Need More Proof...

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